Find Your Signature Decorating Style

A 4-step system to discover your signature style and create your dream home

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Does your home look as you always dreamed it would?

Imagine if you could decorate your dream home, know exactly what to buy, and ensure that it looks cohesive and reflects your style, all by yourself.

News flash: You can.

Do any of these sound familiar?

When it comes to decorating your home, you are:

  • Not sure what your decorating style is or how to choose just one style and incorporate it in your home.
  • Stuck trying to piece together decor and furniture you have with new items you purchased, but it looks like a mismatched mess because you just aren’t sure what looks good together.
  • Struggling because you’re not in love with how your home currently looks and you are unsure what to change.


I was there once, too. I know that sinking feeling realizing after all the time and money spent on your home, you realized you missed the mark...

But, now you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing there is a solution.

Decorating doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing.


You want to learn how to decorate your home because you:

  • Want to feel proud of your home and enjoy it with family and friends.
  • Want to stop stressing about it and finish decorating once and for all.
  • Need a little help and advice from someone real who has been through the same process and found success creating their dream home after years of getting nowhere.

Or maybe you just love home decor as much as I do and think it’d be fun to learn more about your style and how to apply it to your home.

That’s totally cool, too.

If you can relate to anything I mentioned above, you've found yourself in the exact place you need to be right now.

It’s meant to be!

I have the perfect solution for you.



It’s a course called Find Your Signature Decorating Style and it teaches you how to design a home you always dreamed of that:

  • Aligns perfectly with your signature decorating style, ensuring you absolutely LOVE the way it looks and reflects your style.
  • Fills you with joy every time you walk in the front door.
  • Feels cohesive and flows from room to room.
  • Brings family together in a space that you can all enjoy.

Stop waiting for a bigger budget in the future or your “next” house. The way your home looks and feels has a huge impact on not only your energy at home, but it rubs off on family too. Time's a ticking and life is too short to be unhappy with your home every day.

It’s time to make the most of your home right NOW and start cherishing the memories with family and friends.



4-step system to create a home you love

The self-paced course is separated into four main modules of content, each with a number of individual lessons. I’ll be delivering the entire course through a series of videos, screencast tutorials, and a 15-page workbook with fun exercises to fill out as you go.

Module 1: Discover

This module is all about discovering what’s working and what’s not for your home. We will analyze your current lifestyle and how you use your home, identifying the pain points you want to fix. Then, we’ll set specific goals for your home and what you want to accomplish so you have a detailed plan of action as you work through the remaining 3 modules.

Module 2: Define

In this module we will define your personal signature decorating style. Before you jump into the actual decorating part, you need a strong understanding of your decorating style so you know what to buy and everything has a consistent look in your home. We’ll take a deep dive and define your signature style through a series of exercises, detox your home, create a color palette, and identify your style “ingredients”.

Module 3: Decorate

This module covers how to take what you learned from module 1 and 2 and decorate your home. We’ll cover everything from your budget to what to put on your shopping list. You will learn what to look for when buying furniture and decor so it aligns with your style and makes shopping a breeze. Then, I’ll give you one of my favorite decorating hacks from the pros and walk you through the exact step by step process I use when decorating any room in my home.

Module 4: Develop

In this module you’ll learn how to adapt as your style evolves. It’s natural – we are constantly growing and developing so our style will make shifts too. I will show you how to navigate changes gracefully in your home.



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  2. You’ll get a confirmation email with your link to access the course instantly 24/7 online.
  3. You can work through the lessons as fast you'd like, and be on your way to creating a home you love.


Why I Created This Course

Hey friend! I’m Amanda Risius.

Ever since I was a kid I loved decorating. Only problem was I liked many different decorating styles and I didn’t know how to choose just one. When decorating our first home, I felt confused because I didn’t know what style to go with and how to mix styles without it feeling cluttered and mismatched. I ended up buying things because they were on sale, not because I loved them. Soon after, I had a random mix of furniture and decor that didn’t go together at all. As my home slowly came together, I didn’t like the result. It didn’t feel like my style or align with my vision. I just wanted a home that I was proud of where I could enjoy it with family and friends, but I wasn’t sure how to get there.

I did lots of research and soul-searching and finally came up with a solution. I needed to get clear on my decorating style first and create a detailed design plan.

That’s when I created Find Your Signature Decorating Style. If you are in the same position I was, this course will provide you with everything you need to get unstuck so you can finish decorating your dream home and be confident with every decision along the way.

Who is Find Your Signature Decorating Style for?

This course is for you if…

  • You want to learn how to decorate your home that reflects your style without the stress and overwhelm.
  • You never know what to get or what looks good together and you want a step-by-step plan that spells it out for you.
  • You want to have confidence in your decisions and know you're making the right choice instead of worrying about regretting them later.
  • You’re tired of looking at unfinished projects and want to finally enjoy your home.
  • You want help from a designer but don’t want to spend the hefty price.

This course isn't for you if…

  • You're completely happy with how your home looks right now and have no desire to change it.
  • You aren't willing to invest your time or money into your home. This course teaches a lot of time-saving and money-saving strategies, but will still require some dedicated effort on your part.


If you go through the course, implement my step-by-step plan, and still don't think it helped give you clarity on your signature decorating style, then you can email me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. I'm so confident you're going to LOVE my system and see results that I'm offering it to you risk free.

You can either keep decorating the way you are now and try to figure it out on your own, making slow progress and hoping you don't make any decorating regrets.


You can steal my simple system that works to discover your signature decorating style, gives you a step by step plan to follow, and feel confident in your decisions, making progress on your home in the matter of weeks.

What will you choose?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you show me the exact items to purchase for my home?

No. This course is not me acting as your interior designer and hand-selecting each piece for your home. Instead, you are learning the tools and strategies of designers so you are equipped to decorate your home yourself for a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer.

Will I have to be willing to buy all new stuff for my house?

No. In the course you will define your decorating style and what it consists of. It’s up to you to decide if what you currently have fits with your vision for your dream home.

What if my decorating style doesn’t exist in your system?

This isn’t a cookie cutter style quiz with 4 styles to choose from. This course helps you define your own unique signature style through a series of questions and exercises. No pre-determined styles to choose from here. It's unique to you based on your needs and wants!

How do I know if I should hire an interior designer to help me or buy your course?

My course gives you the tools to decorate your home yourself, so you can tackle any room in your house with confidence. Once you learn my strategies, you can apply them to any room! A designer charges premium prices, plus you have to hire them for each room.

How long do I have access to this course?

Forever! That’s right – once you enroll in Find Your Signature Decorating Style, you get lifetime access to the course materials and any new updates or additional videos, worksheets, and more course content I add in the future.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course is self-paced so you can take as much time as you need to go through the lessons. You should be able to finish the course lessons and worksheets in a few weeks if you work on it for 2-3 hours a week.

I don't have a big decorating budget. Will this still help me?

No matter what your budget, if you plan on decorating your home even a little bit, this course will help you tremendously. If you are decorating your home, you NEED to know your signature decorating style. In fact, the system I teach in this course is designed to help you save money in the long run because you aren't wasting it on regret purchases you end up getting rid of later.

Should I wait until I buy a home or move into a more permanent home?

This course will help whether you rent or own. Your signature decorating style typically doesn't drastically change over time, so the sooner you discover it, the better! You can take what you learn and implement it in your current home, and then you'll have a head start down the road.

If you want to find your style, know exactly what to buy, and decorate a home you love with confidence, Then find your signature style is the step-by-step plan you need to make it happen, the simple way.

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